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The Project

The California Funders for Boys and Men of Color (CFBMoC) website – frontend and backend redesign, using WordPress (open source content management system).

The Problem

Outdated frontend design (look and feel), migrating old website content from Drupal to Wordpress, create new custom WP theme.

My Role

Lead UX / UI backend strategist, content / migration organizer, UX CSS developer (frontend, responsive and QA styles), UX development team manager.


Date: 2019-2020


Visual Design: Yippa

Backend Development: Misterslicing

Understanding the development needs

  • Implement new design
  • Content organization
  • Improve performance (page load time)
  • Simplify backend for client 
  • Responsive functionality

Translating Design to Custom Field Groups

Refining the design & functionality

  • Accessibility
  • Responsive Styles
  • Simplify field labels to user’s language

Final Frontend

CSS adjustments were done until the frontend was working  well on all different devices and screen sizes.

Final Backend

The backend functionalities was built with custom field groups (ACF plugin) + WordPress classic editor.