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The Project

The Association for Asian American Studies backend and frontend user processes to conference registrations.

The Problem

Understanding, simplifying and translating the steps of all users (frontend and backend) involved with conference registrations on their website.

My Role

Lead UX / UI backend strategist and user flows designer.


Date: 2021


Understanding the project needs

  • Understanding users
  • Collecting information to steps for each action
  • Preview possible scenarios
  • Simplify process of registration
  • Connecting backend resources with project needs

Backend User research

The backend user research was done by collecting detailed feedback and information from staff involved with conference registration. 

User 1: Subscriber

Lisa has a paid membership with AAAS website. She receives a marketing email announcing the new conference. She registered herself to the conference and receives a confirmation message.

User 2: ADMIN

Natalie is AAAS staff that manages the website. She creates marketing emails announcing events, creates new conferences on the backend, new users, assign submissions to reviewers, updates automatic messages for submissions approvals and denials, schedule time and places for conferences.

User 3: editor / Review

John is one of AAAS staff that reviews submissions on the website. He logs in through the frontend to view and add comments to submissions and classify if it should be approved or denied.

User 4: ADMIN / co-chair

Robert is AAAS co-chair that gives a final approval or denial to conference submissions. He logs in through the backend and reads editor/reviews to each submission to evaluate which ones should be accepted or not. He can either analyses the reports either by looking at the data table from backend or downloading a PDF version of the reports.

User Flows



Admin users create new event on the backend, manage registration form fields by creating, modifying or deleting fields or labels. Add new event information, date, deadline to submissions and publish the event to be visible on the frontend. Send out newsletter emails, publish event to social media.


Importing or Creating New Users

Admin import csv file to create new users or add them manually on the backend, assigning specific roles: editor for reviewers, admin for co-chairs, subscriber to AAAS paid members attending to conferences. New added users receive automatic emails with new temporary password and link to reset them online.


Conference registration & Payment

AAAS paid members and non-members receive email notification about new conference with date and timeline for submission. They will both have options to register and pay for tickets. They complete submission form fields with option to save and review later until completed and submitted. Automatic email notification will be received once the process is done reminding their submission is pending approval. If denied or approved, they will receive another message.


Review Process

AAAS admin will assign each submission on the backend to specific editors, once submission process has been closed. Editors will receive automatic notifications when submissions has been assigned to them. They will login through the frontend to review each new form and add they evaluation status, which is only visible to admin users, not to subscribers.


Final Submission Approval

AAAS co-chairs (admin users) will login through the backend once the submission process has been closed and all reviews have been done. They will review all comments from editors, often print a PDF version and submit their final list of submissions that have their approval.


Payment Management

AAAS staff admin users will receive automatic notifications for each conference submission payment received. They will be able to login to the backend to manage payments received, and download reports by year of amount received for each event.

First drafts - investigation

Second drafts - Possible resources

Final User Flows - Refinement Process

Final Thoughts

The user flow graphics allowed client to visualize all users involved and actions necessary to finalize conference registration, submission and payment process. This part of the project was only one of the fist steps of the re-design and development process for this client.