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I’m a UX Strategist and CSS Developer passionate about helping and connecting with others through understanding, honesty, and communication. This passion inspires me every day to create functional experiences, interactive solutions, meaningful strategies and ultimately to approach my professional and personal life with integrity to become a better person while inspiring others to be the same.

I currently work as a Lead UX Developer at Yippa, a design studio that provides nonprofits and progressive organizations with visual solutions. I get to wear many hats at my current role (UX Generalist), from managing a team through the development process, providing UX documentation and guidance to make sure the user experience is the main focus and translating the design needs into development strategies. I also participate on projects as the responsive and QA CSS developer to refine frontend (design quality), accessibility (responsive styles) and backend (user experience) development.

I’m highly analytical, contemplative, pragmatic, inquisitive, detail oriented and love to link the known with the unknown, bringing innovative solutions to simple or complex problems. I have worked on teams both in-person and currently remotely for about 15 years. I thrive when I’m part of an environment where I can work collaboratively with an open minded team, where empathy is a core value, and having a positive world impact is considered on every project.

Brazilian, one half of a twin, mother of a teen and 2 cats, yoga instructor, meditation dance teacher, social communicator and a lifetime volunteer.

Life is too short. Together we can change the world!


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