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Hi, I'm Vivian! UX strategist and Css Developer

I've worked with Vivian for many years as my studio has grown and she's been a integral part of the team.

Vivian is skilled at print and web design and is my go to person for responsive web development. She's honest, knows when to push back with recommendations and also works efficiently. I've enjoyed working with Vivian and plan to continue our working relationship.

She listened to our needs and was flexible to adjust her work process based on what was needed internally.

Vivian worked with us during a complicated redesign implementation. She was very personable, easy and pleasant to work with. Her work was always on time. I would work with her again any time.

Vivian is always researching the latest in web technology and user interface design and usability.

Vivian is an excellent Web Designer. She also has a vast knowledge of CSS implementation. She pays great attention to details and always creates a finished product. Sites done by Vivian are eye-catching and appealing without sacrificing functionality. She also has a great sense of humor making her fun to work with.

She has both creative talent and the ability to implement web designs using CSS.

Vivian worked for Vipa Solutions for almost three years as a key member of the team. Additionally, she can be trusted with seeing web sites through to the end and has a great attention to detail.

If you are looking for a talented person, a self starter, and who takes pride in his/her work, hurry up and get her when you have a chance.

Always went above and beyond expectations.

Vivian was highly knowledgeable and skilled on our particular website program and was able to create a website that met our design and function needs. She was dependable and efficient and always willing to do what she could to meet the need at hand. I highly recommend Vivian in building a website.

Vivian is an exceptional Web Designer and CSS Developer.

She has the ability to assess a project and suggest the best ways to implement the design for long-term value. She is amazing at completing high quality work during tight deadlines. Vivian has proven her ability to research technology that she has had no experience with and become a pro at it in record time. She is a phenomenal resource for web best practices and user interface design. Her fun personality and refreshing ideas make her a joy to work with on a daily basis.

Working with Vivian has been a terrific experience.

She is an expert with Joomla, has deep knowledge and resources, and she is very quick. I look forward to working with her on many projects and recommend her without hesitation. She is wonderful!